approximately 90-120 minutes

for disabled audiences/classes

Living in a world obsessed with independence and ability, it is impossible not to internalize the ableism with which we are constantly inundated. From ableist language to ideas of worth, there is little in our lives that goes untouched; the nature of ableism cannot help but cause strain within relationships - sexual, romantic, and platonic in nature, as well as that which we have with ourselves. 

A frank discussion on what it means to unlearn ableist ideas about our bodies, lives, and futures, this workshop is for disabled people seeking to understand and move forward in healing from the ongoing systemic violence of ableism. 

A working understanding of one's personal disabled identity would be beneficial for this workshop. That said, there is no wrong place to start - no knowledge of disability or ableism is necessary for this or any workshops or series. 

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