approximately 120 minutes

504 sit-in; Capitol Crawl; Aktion T4; ADAPT; ASAN; Mia Mingus; Wheelchair Sports Camp; identity- vs. person-first language; disability pride; Alice Wong; #CriptheVote; disability, sexuality, & gender; healthcare; asylums; euthanasia & eugenics; Woodland Memorial Gardens; Shanidar Cave; access intimacy; disability day of mourning - 

Disabled people have been involved in communities, activism, and arts since before written history began. Despite this, modern politics endorse and encourage eugenics and euthanasia in various forms internationally. 

In this workshop, learn about the history of disabled people around the world, and activists and artists working and creating change today. 

There is no wrong place to start - no knowledge of disability or ableism is necessary for this or any workshops or series. 

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