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access audit consultation.

available as a remote service over phone, video, or email.

we will use the Radical Accessible Communities template for the Radical Access Mapping Project, available here—template link—to review common access needs, barriers, and conflicts. I will be available to answer any questions you have about the process of the collection of information and how to modify what is needed for an in-depth access audit based on the uses of your space.

upon completion of the collection of information, I will write an accessibility summary for outward-facing materials such as event promotions or your website, as well as in-house materials such as accessibility disclosure for potential new hires.

NB: I no longer do full accessibility audits myself. if you are looking for this service, you are welcome to contact me for recommendations (no cost but please do respect my time) on where to inquire for a disabled person who can provide this for you.

sensitivity & stigma review.

I am experienced in reviewing policy and creative non-fiction drafts.

reviews are available with a broad anti-oppression lens and/or close reads

with queer, trans, indoor and outdoor sex working, PWUD, impoverished,

and general disability lived experience and politic.

please inquire further if you need a review with specific disability experiences (e.g. sensory disability, limb difference, etc) to determine if my lived experience will be relevant.

if not, I am able to make recommendations (free of charge) for a number of reviewers with disabilities different from my own, should you request that.

I am also available to make recommendations (no cost but please do respect my time)

on who to contact for close reads with Black, coastal and prairie Indigenous,

and immigrant lived experience and politic.