I am a human being. Like all humans, I make mistakes. I do my best to be a fundamentally kind and considerate person, but that does not translate into "perfect" in any way. I have privileges and shortcomings like any of us, and I roll over toes all the time.
That said, in the aftermath of such mistakes, I have an opportunity and responsibility to be held and hold myself accountable. 
Accountability is complex, and many of us find it scary. One of my favourite disability justice activists, Mia Mingus, also does a lot of work in the realm of transformative justice. She has spoken extensively on how the society we create is currently widely based in capitalist ideas of justice - punitive, shame- and revenge-based justice. This makes the prospect of accountability a frightening one, but it doesn't have to be. It is, and I think should be, a difficult thing, but it doesn't have to scare us. Mia has spoken more eloquently than I ever could on how moving from our current systems and ideas into healing, accountability-based justice is revolutionary and necessary, and has the potential to make accountability something to look forward to: an opportunity to learn and grow and better ourselves.
As humans, we cannot leave one another out in the cold.
We thrive in community, and community makes mistakes. 
If I have made you feel unsafe, upset, or in any way unwelcome, through words or actions, I ask that you extend the generous opportunity for me to make meaningful amends and changes. This can look like many things, and an important piece of transformative justice is it is not policy based; it is individual, unique, and life-changing. 
Thank you for leading me in this. 


if I or someone I work with has made a mistake of any degree, from the words I/we use to the way I/we take up space to any wrongdoings you may have encountered, please feel welcome to contact me.
if you are uncomfortable contacting me directly, please use an anonymous email (not containing your name or personal identifiers); one can be made quickly via hotmail or even gmail.


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