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Accessibility is more nuanced than ramps and support bars. Covering a wide range of infrastructural features, available services, and staff training, accessibility audits assess the ins and outs of venues and events to provide a detailed overview for disabled patrons and attendees. 

As these audits are for disabled people who almost by default have a better and more nuanced understanding of access needs than our abled peers, it is strongly recommended that venue owners and event organizers hire disabled people to provide auditing services.

Additionally, with the marginalization of disabled people, many jobs are inaccessible and/or discriminatory. As such, disabled people often find it difficult to acquire and maintain jobs; accessibility audits are a service we can provide that can supply us with income. 

Contact me through my bookings form with details on the venue or event you wish to have audited and what your budget is. My sliding scale rates are available for your perusal here. Most audits do not exceed 3hrs. 

The audit template I use is kindly provided through and maintained by RAMP. Previous venue audits are available in this Google Doc file. Please consider contacting RAMP to donate if you use an audit found there.

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