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queercrip mycologies

is run by a white queer, disabled settler, Q (they/them or it pronouns), on the land of the Ts’elxwéyeqw Nation.

I am a Disability Culture Educator, Accessibility & Culture Consultant, and Grassroots Death Doula in the so–called Fraser Valley, having moved here from the unceded land of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, so–called Vancouver.

as my practice is grounded in Disability Justice [what is disability justice? read more at Sins Invalid], it is by necessity and nature anti–capitalist, anti–carceral, and in solidarity with Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty. this informs the manner in which I conduct workshops, consultations, and doulaing as none of these services are untouched by the harms and biases of capitalist colonialism and white supremacy, and therefore must be in active resistance of said harms and biases.

I have worked as a Disability Culture Educator and Accessibility & Culture Consultant with organizations such as Verses Festival of Words and Vancouver Poetry House, Women Against Violence Against Women, and Pivot Legal Society. I have also spoken at the Edmonton Men's Health Collective, Converge Con, and other conferences and written for publications such as Briarpatch, Anomaly, and Pride Magazine on queer disabled culture and artist activist movements.

in addition to education and consultation services, I am proud to serve as a grassroots death doula. , offering individual death preparation in addition to death cafes.

as I am also in the midst of dying on a constantly changing un–schedule, I have undertaken both academic and community education to practice holding lives and stories as people approach and prepare for death, with a priority for queer and disabled people who are too often isolated and underserved in health– and grief–care. this mutual aid community work is incredibly important to me and I offer it on a pay-what-you-can donations basis with no minimum recommendation.

NB: all of my practices—in art, education, consultation, and doulaing—are informed by community organizing for collective liberation. I am not a brand, nor a diversity point. this website exists to centralize several elements of the work I do to survive and serve my communities, not the whole of who I am responsible to or what I dream of in the world.​